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May 26, 2011 / quietlystrange


So here we go again….

First – click here (as per usual)

I turning myself into a doormat. Shock. Horror. But choosing to. I guess its all I’m worth really.

I mean its not like any of my relationships up till this point have ended differently to that.

And see the point is – he’s worth it – so what do you do? You give them what they want and what they supposadly need and if they come back to you thats a win right?

I’m never going to be worth anything else and he is.

So thats what I do. At least then I get moments. And the moments are worth it.

mind you the pain is fairly bad, but again, isn’t that what I was made for? Not like anything I’ve ever been taught has taught me anything different.

And I swear, he is worth it. Really.

So I’ll hurt, so what.

really why should that matter? Why?


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