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May 19, 2011 / quietlystrange

Here we go again….

Like it is said –“here it goes again” – so to jump in right in the middle or to give you some history or what….hmmm…I suppose if you want to know about who I am, as a person, you’d go to the “About Me” bit, wouldn’t you…
So, jump right in.

(oh first point of note – click on the link up there ^ and have that in the back ground while you read – then if nothing else you will have listened to some cool music. Also my life has a soundtrack so why shouldn’t my blog?)
As one of the people in my life who will get a suitable psudonym when my brain is up to it”This is Autumn and its the Autumn of my life” and it is, for me too.
Everything is dying and drifting away and swirling and dead, but its all in pre 1917 colour (yes there were colour motion pictures around back that far apparently) and I feel like curling up in a little burrow and hiding for the next cold, hard, difficult bit, the bit where I face reality, the bit where the cold bites deep and hurts.
But I can’t. I have to pioneer through it, trying to find a pack of fellow penguins to huddle with on my ice floe, or enough kindling to start a blaze warm enough to keep me alive.
So lets see how we go. Here is a start.
It won’t always be easy going.
It won’t always be down beat.
It may even make it to funny or passably good writing.
But wither way – I’ll be putting my words out there somewhere and someone, somewhere in the echo of time will find them and hopefully join me for a page or a sentence.

Or maybe even the whole ride. Lets see how we go.
Okay? Go.


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